Advantages wooden houses

Wooden houses made of round logs ensure the optimal thermal comfort, along with a rustic atmosphere and an ecological living.

Many of us dream to have the chance to personalize our home to fit our preferences and needs. Usually, those who want to build a house from scratch turn their attention to the smallest details. These details make the difference not only in terms of aesthetic aspects or design, but also in terms of personality and style.

An option encountered increasingly often is the wooden houses at the expense of traditional houses made of brick, concrete, metal or other structures. These wooden houses ensure a healthy living, ecological and safe environment in terms of durability.

The choice of wooden houses as the future home or place of escape at the end of an exhausting week- in case of a wooden vacation home- is a wise decision, especially if we talk about round logs as raw material. The round logs give the construction a unique style both inside and outside. So you can enjoy optimal thermal comfort both in summer and during cold winters.

There are many advantages of a wooden house and they are not necessarily related to the price of construction, but to the maintenance costs. Undoubtedly, the main advantage of a wooden house is its resistance structure to earthquakes. Then we can consider, among other things, its energy efficiency both in winter and during the hot season. Wood is a natural insulator and greatly reduces electricity consumption/ natural gas / firewood used for heating during the winter. Then, during the summer, wooden houses are the ideal place to escape the summer heat.

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Cristian Chiforescu