Wooden houses made of round logs ensure the optimal thermal comfort, along with a rustic atmosphere and an ecological living.

Many of us dream to have the chance to personalize our home to fit our preferences and needs. Usually, those who want to build a house from scratch turn their attention to the smallest details. These details make the difference not only in terms of aesthetic aspects or design, but also in terms of personality and style.

An option encountered increasingly often is the wooden houses at the expense of traditional houses made of brick, concrete, metal or other structures. These wooden houses ensure a healthy living, ecological and safe environment in terms of durability.

The choice of wooden houses as the future home or place of escape at the end of an exhausting week- in case of a wooden vacation home- is a wise decision, especially if we talk about round logs as raw material. The round logs give the construction a unique style both inside and outside. So you can enjoy optimal thermal comfort both in summer and during cold winters.

There are many advantages of a wooden house and they are not necessarily related to the price of construction, but to the maintenance costs. Undoubtedly, the main advantage of a wooden house is its resistance structure to earthquakes. Then we can consider, among other things, its energy efficiency both in winter and during the hot season. Wood is a natural insulator and greatly reduces electricity consumption/ natural gas / firewood used for heating during the winter. Then, during the summer, wooden houses are the ideal place to escape the summer heat.

Wooden houses can be built and divided in order to meet the client needs. The design and overall architecture is being agreed based on the client’s budget. Given the fact that we are talking about an ecological house, its insulation is also natural. Wood is a very good insulator and the wooden walls insulate better than any other material. Usually, at least in the case of round logs, our clients choose neither the additional exterior insulation nor the internal insulation of the walls. Our clients want the wooden structure be visible both inside and outside the construction. This fact is considered to be normal, since the raw material in question is ecological building material and its purpose is to change the idea of a classic house made of plasterboard finishing or other similar materials.

Hence the lower costs in the construction of wooden houses, compared to the traditional masonry constructions. A very important aspect is the lack of mold in the wooden houses, an inconvenience which gives many headaches to those living in traditional brick houses.

All these elements specific to wooden houses are highlighted by Cristian Chiforescu, company manager of Poiana Construct in Vatra Dornei, Suceava County.

Cristian Chiforescu and his team has over 10 years of experience in the construction field of wooden houses, by this he highlights, as reported above, three important aspects to be considered before deciding to erect a wooden house.

First of all, the manager of the company Poiana Construct speaks of a healthy living and about a unique, cozy and relaxing environment. Then comes into question the comfort, which is high due to the fact that wood is a good insulator.

"If we talk about almost perfect insulation provided by wood, then we can also talk about the generated heat during winter and also about the fresh and clean air which is kept in cool rooms during the summer "ensures Cristian Chiforescu.

Last, but not least, the manager of the company Poiana Construct refers to the sustainability of wooden houses - given that the timber can last hundreds of years- and about the low risk of earthquake damage.

The Company "Poiana Construct House" in Vatra Dornei, Suceava, offers both design, and wooden houses construction services at the best prices. The quality of materials used, along with the experience of our team of professional is the right choice for you to become a complete satisfied customer. In fact, customer satisfaction is one of the goals of the company Poiana Construct House in Suceava County.

"We set out to achieve the goal of designs worthy to be transformed in welcoming and cozy homes, either we consider a personal home or a boarding house which can become a temporary home during your spare time. We want and we aim at the beginning of each project, to put ourselves in the place of our clients in order to completely understand what are their requirements and aspirations.

This is one of the main reasons why our clients are always completely satisfied at the end of each project", said Cristian Chiforescu, manager of the company Poiana Construct House in Vatra Dornei.

The successes of the company Poiana Construct House, along with competent team made the company projects to be appreciated at European level. We say this because Poiana Construct House from Vatra Dornei designed and manufactured houses, vacation homes or cottages / boarding houses in several states of the European Union. The company's clients Poiana Construct House from Vatra Dornei not only said they were more than pleased with the projects they benefited from, but the professionalism and fairness of the company from Suceava became known also abroad. The company Poiana Construct House develops projects, wooden houses, log houses, boarding houses and garden furniture, meeting the highest quality standards. The team of company builds wooden houses by using the highest quality materials providing you with a healthy living and also a unique, cozy and relaxing environment. The company's projects address both to those who want a wooden vacation home, and to those who dream of a permanent home or a boarding house. Bear in mind that every construction made by Poiana Construct House benefits from a free design.